American Premiere: Requiem of Reconciliation

-- Dedicated to the victims of
World War II --

The Colorado Choir

In 2001, the Colorado Choir presented the principal choral sections of the Requiem of Reconciliation (Requiem der Versöhnung) in a North American premiere event. The thrust of the Colorado Choir in the immediate future is to make certain the remaining sections of the Requiem are presented to Colorado audiences.

Having been turned down by major orchestras due to the difficulty of the work, it is not possible at this time to present the entire work. The Choir, therefore, raised funds and presented the principal choral sections.

There may be a CD available in the future of the Colorado Choir's performance for study purposes only. Pending release, this CD would be made available to interested music schools at no cost.

Composer Resumés

Press coverage of the spring 2001 performance:

  1. Requiem historical musical -- Glenn Giffin, Denver Post, March 21, 2001
    NOTE: this article is archived on the Denver Post site; retrieval costs $1.95.
  2. Colorado Choir performs `Requiem for Reconciliation' -- Alwen Bledsoe, Denver Catholic Register, March 7, 2001